How we Work: What will your experience be like?

With CCHSC, you will receive the highest level of honesty and integrity regardless of what route you take to your Staged home.  All projects begin with a consultation in the property, from the outside inward.  You will have an opportunity to review our past projects while we photograph the home and take notes.  The real work begins when I return to my office.  There I can prepare a detailed action plan for you to carry out on your own or with your own contractors. This will include color selections and floor plans. This is presented to you within 24 hours. The cost of this is $250.00.

A walk-through conversation about possibilities and options is $90.00 for one hour.

Photo Credit Lisa Morales

If you prefer that we will do the project for you, there is no charge for the initial walk-through and photographs.  You will contract with us to complete the work by a specified date with labor charges and furniture/accessory rental charges, if any, clearly spelled out. There is a minimum one month rental fee on accessories and three months on furniture (including delivery and removal). There are no surprises.

Possibly the key element is excellent photographs for your print and online marketing.

Give the gift of a great home sale, a CCHSC gift certificate!

A sample floor plan for a double-family home

A sample floor plan for a double-family home (Photo credit: Wikipediaarketing.